thunder (uncountable)

  1. The sound caused by the discharge of atmospheric electrical charge.
    Thunder is preceded by lightning.
  2. A sound resembling thunder.
  3. A deep, rumbling noise.
    Off in the distance, he heard the thunder of hoofbeats, signalling a stampede.

7 letters in word "thunder": D E H N R T U.

No anagrams for thunder found in this word list.

Words found within thunder:

de den dent dern derth drent due duet duh dun dune dunt dure durn ed edh eh en end er ern et eth he hen hend hent her herd hern het hue hued huer hun hunt hunted hunter hurden hurt hut ne ned nerd net nth nu nude nuder nur nurd nut re red reh ren rend rent ret retund rud rude rue rued run rund rune runed runt runted rut ruth te ted tehr ten tend tern the then thru thud trend true trued tun tund tune tuned tuner turd turn turned uh un unde under uneth unred ur urd urde ure urent urn urned ut ute

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